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Songs that helped people deal with their Mental Health

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Music as a Tonic when you're feeling Down

Music can be a wonderful tonic when we are feeling, down, depressed or anxious. Once again our friends  and the community at The Mighty have kicked off the year with a list of great songs that have helped people with their mental health.
I know for me personally music has helped me get through some dark moments and some rocky times. So we bring you a list of songs compiled by " The Mighty " composed and released by artists you may or may not know in 2017, that have helped people dealing with mental health. Some are specifically about dealing with mental health challenges and other may just be about how tough life can be in general. Each song has helped people get through whatever it is they are dealing with. 

1. " HEAVY"  by Linkin Park




2. 1-800-273-8255 featuring Alessia Cara, Khalid






3. Praying by Kesha



4. " World Away" by Tonight Alive



5. Save Myself by Ed Sheeran



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