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NDIS Transport Questions Answered

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Transport FAQ for Participants

What transport supports will be funded by the NDIS?

Under the NDIS, some transport related supports may include:

  • Personal transport related aids and equipment

  • Training to use public transport independently

  • Modifications to private vehicles 

  • Reasonable and necessary taxi or private transport costs if you aren’t able to use public transport independently.

While the NDIS allows for participants to receive reasonable and necessary transport assistance, that does not replace state and federal government responsibility to provide accessible transport.

What are NDIS reasonable and necessary supports?

For a support to be funded it needs to be linked to an outcome you have identified in your plan and it must also:

  • Be associated with day-to-day living and activities that increase your social or economic participation.

  • Be a resource or piece of equipment, such as wheelchair, assistive technology or home and car modifications.

  • Help you build the skills you need to live the life you want, such as opportunities to work, further your education, volunteer or learn something new.

How can I prepare for transport support needs in my NDIS plan?

During your planning meeting, you should make sure you discuss your transport needs with your planner.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Think about your transport use now; how do you travel from work, school, appointments, and social activities?
  2. If you had appropriate transport and could use it, where would you go? How would it make a difference to your life? Do you need help to catch a bus?
  3. Do you own your own vehicle? Do you need vehicle modifications so that you can drive yourself or have another person transport you safely? Vehicle modification can be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ under the NDIS, for example special seating or equipment to get in and out of a vehicle.

What will happen to my Mobility Allowance under the NDIS?

If you are receiving Mobility Allowance when you receive an approved NDIS plan, your eligibility for the Mobility Allowance payment ceases.

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