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NDIS Audit & Registration Webinars

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MyCareSpace has produced the following webinars to help NDIS Service Providers with their NDIS Registration, Audit, and Insurance tasks:


WEBINAR: Understanding (and passing) NDIS Audits


The NDIS Audit Information that you absolutely need to know!

MyCareSpace has partnered with Fiona Loughlan, General Manager of IHCA Certification, (NDIS Audit Firm) and Susan Hawkins, Director of PQPlus (NDIS Audit Consultants), to deliver a webinar that will provide Service Providers with an up-to-date understanding of the NDIS Audit Requirements, what they can expect and how they can best prepare for an NDIS Audit.

Who is this webinar for? This webinar is for all NDIS service providers (sole traders or companies) facing an Audit as well as for new providers considering becoming NDIS registered

Will this help WA Providers? This webinar is especially helpful for WA an NDIS Service Providers who will face an NDIS audit for the first time.



WEBINAR: How your NDIS Audit can drive Revenue

Our experts will demonstrate how your NDIS Audit can become the very thing that helps you understand your customers more deeply and respond more quickly to their needs, improving your business on every level and drive revenue.

Many consider their NDIS Audit fee a sunk cost, delivering few “real” benefits to the business. Our experts disagree and will show how it be used to identify opportunities for continuous improvement so that you can deliver even better services and set your organisation apart from others.

Some of the topics covered in our webinar include:

  • How can your NDIS audit create value for your business?
  • How can you reduce the number of NDIS audits you require?
  • How can performance measurement stop your NDIS clients taking their funding out the door?
  • How can you avoid some of the biggest NDIS audit mistakes?
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