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ILO's in the NDIS Price Guide

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The latest NDIS 2020 -2021 price guide had the following additions made to it on  1 July 2020.

See pgs 46-47 for information on ILO's:

CORE: Assistance with Daily Living 

Individualised Living Options

These support items introduce new options and alternative ways of living for people with disability.

Individualised Living Options (ILOs) are packages of support that are built as a result of holistically considering each individual’s preferences, strengths, assets, support requirements, informal and community supports.

An Individualised Living Option is not determined by the home ownership or leasing situation or eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding.

An Individualised Living Option is the support provided and not the accommodation or dwelling itself.

Exploration and Design

This support item will help participants explore the Individualised Living Options paradigm and design an option suitable for themselves. Providers delivering this support item will:

  • explore the vision of the participant for their future home and help all involved to understand the full range of options as to how a participant can be supported in the community;
  • gain an understanding of a participant’s strengths, with a focus on what they can do, and an understanding of how informal, formal and community supports will play a role in the participant’s life, and build on this to design the individual support package;
  • identify strategies to help the participant choose where to live, who to live with and how they are supported;
  • find out what is possible and assess risks in the context of the participant’s preferred way of living, and explore if there could be other options that might suit better; and
  • design and make decisions with the participant and others about the options.

Depending on the circumstances, the exploration and design tasks may include assistance to locate suitable housing or linking with other funded or community or mainstream services.

This support item can be delivered to individual participants subject to the rules set out in this Price Guide.

As well as direct service provision, this support item can be used to claim for:

  • Non-Face-to-Face Support Provision Provider Travel
  • Short Notice Cancellations NDIA Requested Reports.

Providers of this support can also claim for the costs of:

  • Provider Travel - Non-Labour Costs using support item 01_799_0106_1_1. This support item is subject to price limits.
Item NumberItem Name and NotesUnitNationalRemoteVery Remote


Individual Living Options - Exploration and Design


Support Model

This support item provides an Individualised Living Option to a participant. It can be delivered to individual participants subject to the rules set out in this Price Guide.

The Individualised Living Option is a package of supports that enables participants to achieve their home and living goals.

It is made up of a personalised and detailed package of primary and supplementary home and living supports that are used flexibly and combine formal and informal supports such as implemented and managed through partnerships between the participant, their family, or a provider. The package includes resources for monitoring and redesign.

This support item is subject to quotation. It should only be used if it is a stated item in a plan.


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Individual Living Options - Support Model




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