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How to include incontinence supports in my NDIS Plan

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The team at Confidence Club tell us that many NDIS participants are unsure how they can include their incontinence products in their NDIS plans. To bring you the facts, we asked the experts at Confidence Club some important questions:

Will the NDIS fund my incontinence products?

If your continence issues are as a result of your disability,  your continence products and aids should be funded through your NDIS plan.

These products and aids must be included in your NDIS plan under CORE SUPPORTS: Consumables. The NDIS principles such as "reasonable and necessary" still apply, so bear this in mind when preparing for your meeting.

How do I make sure incontinence products are included in my NDIS funding?

The simple answer is Pre-Planning.

Pre-planning refers to the preparation we recommend you do before your first Planning Meeting (see more in our NDIS pre planning resource).

1. You need to specifically mention continence in your planning meeting or it will be missed altogether.

As your NDIA planner to allow for a continence assessment and follow up review/s (approx 5 – 7 hours therapy per annum) to be approved for you in your NDIS plan under the category “individual assessment/therapy and/or therapy (including assistave technology)”.

The Continence Foundation of Australia suggest you prepare the following information to take to your first planning meeting:

  • Which products do I use now?
  • Is my incontinence being managed effectively by the products I am currently using?
  • Do I need a continence assessment to make sure I am managing my incontinence effectively?
  • Do I need a continence review to determine if my needs have changed since my last assessment?
  • Is my incontinence preventing me from achieving my goals?  If so, what can be done to improve the situation?
  • More generally, can my incontinence be better managed?

2. You need to know how your incontinence affects your goals.
Your NDIS plan is focussed around you achieving your goals. This means that every part of your funding is related to your goals.

Consider how your incontinence affects your goals. For example, if your goal is to play a sport, what incontinence requirements do you have in order to meet this goal?

How much will the NDIS pay?

In brief, funding is allocated on an annual basis, based on your usage requirements. Going into your NDIS planning meeting with the details of the products you are currently using will help the LAC or the planner work this out.

Do I need a Continence Assessment before my planning meeting?

No, but if you have had one within the last 2 years, take your report with you to your meeting. A continence assessment performed by a qualified continence nurse can be funded through your NDIS plan.       

What happens to CAPS or other state funding?

Many are unaware that CAPs and other state and federal based schemes will cease as they slowly transition into the NDIS.

How can I benefit from using Confidence Club products?

At Confidence Club we don’t think you need to overpay for high quality, super comfortable, great value products that help you, or someone you care for,  live life to the fullest. We can help you get more out of your NDIS funds by saving up to 50% off comparable brands in the market, without compromising on comfort and quality. Speak to one of our continence assessment nurses today and hear why they recommend our products.

Can my incontinence products be delivered to my doorstep?

With of course they can. Your continence products will be sent to you at intervals of your choosing.  Our key tip? Think about the storage of your continence products. These can be bulky so a monthly subscription means you don't have to find a place to store them. Also, make sure delivery charges are included in your plan. 

The Confidence Club Nurse advisor is available to MyCareSpace community to answer questions in confidence either on the phone on 1800 86 1199 or by email:

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