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Writing Reports for NDIS Access and Plan Reviews

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Help for Therapists and Health Practitioners 

Writing Reports for NDIS Access and Plan Reviews

The primary role of NDIS reports from health practitioners is to provide evidence that assists decision-makers at the NDIS

To write effective supporting documentation for people with disabilities and complex support needs seeking NDIS access or NDIS plan reviews, you need to get the words right. By 'right' we mean in the format/language the NDIA understands. Different systems often use different terminology and come with their own jargon. Knowing how to convey the right information, in the right words, from the health system to the NDIS, is essential to achieve the desired outcome for NDIS participants

A person with a disability applying for NDIS funding will need to supply evidence based reports from professional therapists (e.g. occupational therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists, and dieticians) with training, skills and expertise.

A best practice guide on producing therapy reports for NDIS plans or plan reviews

MyCareSpace did some investigation and found 2 superb resources that help provide a best practice guide on producing excellent therapy reports to form the development of NDIS plans or plan reviews:

These resources can also be used by NDIS participants, families, Local Area Coordinators, and Support Coordinators to determine whether a report is of a high standard.

Help for NDIS Participants 

Completing an NDIS Access Request with your doctor

One of our MyCareSpace community wrote an informal, hands-on guide to help participants fill in the NDIS application forms and have their health practitioners (doctors, therapists, specialists) write application reports for NDIS in the language the NDIA expects.

It includes what to do prior to meeting your doctor and what he will need to write for your NDIS access request. 

It also includes advice for practitioners when writing reports for an NDIS access request or review.

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