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Help for Therapists writing reports for NDIS participants

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The primary role of NDIS-funded therapy reports is to provide evidence that assists decision-makers at the NDIS. However, reports also inform the NDIS participant, their families, carers and support workers who help support people implement their NDIS plan. 

A best practice guide on producing excellent therapy reports to inform the development of NDIS plans or plan reviews was developed by VALID advocates with expertise in providing advocacy support to people with intellectual disabilities. It is primarily designed as an information source for therapists as they prepare reports for NDIS participants.

It can also be used as an information source for NDIS participants, families, Local Area Coordinators, and Support Coordinators when they are commissioning therapy reports, or to determine whether a report is of a high standard.

Evidence based reports from professional therapists (e.g. occupational therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists, and dieticians) with training, skills and expertise are a critical element in determining whether a person with disability will receive NDIS funding for a given support. 

Download '10 steps to excellent NDIS therapy reports'

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