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Getting to sleep with Fibromyalgia

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Recently we were asked by a member of our community for any tips on getting to sleep more easily when suffering from Fibromyalgia. We did a bit of asking around and came across a great article titled '20 hacks that can make sleeping with Fibromyalgia easier' from The Mighty (which we do respect).

Below find an excerpt from the article. You can read the full article here or perhaps add your comments to this article if you have some better tips!

Sleep disturbances are a common symptom for those with fibromyalgia. You may find yourself struggling to fall asleep due to pain or insomnia, or perhaps you can fall asleep fairly easily but tend to wake up frequently throughout the night. Either way, not getting enough sleep can be frustrating and add extra exhaustion to any general fatigue you may already be struggling with.

“Someone once told me to tell myself that, even if I’m not sleeping, I’m still getting rest. Somehow that takes that ‘oh no! I’m not going to get any sleep!’ stress away and my mind and body relaxes.” – Marian V.

“A heated mattress pad – it works wonders! When I am sore, it soothes the pain so I can fall asleep quicker and have a more restful sleep.” – Jennifer H.

“I make a pillow nest! Pillow for my head and body pillows on both sides. I hold one and put the bottom part of it between my legs. The other one is tucked under my back and bottom to support my body. My boyfriend will then tuck my blankets around me so between the pillows and tight blankets my body can fully relax and still be held in place! It has taken myself and my boyfriend a lot to perfect this but it saves me and takes so much pressure off my body!” – Garnet D. “I try not to nap in the day if possible, take my pills early, take a shower before bed and exercise at the end of the day so I’m very tired.” – Mariana S.C.

“I alternate heat and ice for bad pain points. I have learned that I need to be distracted from thinking about the pain. Bluetooth headphones and a movie or TV series that I have seen a million times before. I don’t watch it, I just listen on my headphones. I am distracted just enough to relax and it allows me sleep for at least a few-hour stint.” – Paula D.

“Just recently I have been applying a few drops of essential oils, bergamot and frankincense, to the bottoms of my feet. Sleep has been deep and restful.” – Angela S.

“I listen to podcasts after I take my nightly medication. It can help keep my mind off the pain or any negative emotions I might be experiencing. I choose podcasts that aren’t too thought-provoking and put them on timer so it goes off eventually. It really helps me cope on nights with intense pain.” – Alix M.

“I have to keep my room cool because when my pain flares up I get heat flashes. So taking meds and reading with the fan on allows for my body to cool down and get sleepy to escape the pain.” – Taisha A.

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