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What is the Companion Card?

If you have a disability and a lifelong need for 'attendant care support' in order to participate in community activities and attend venues, the Companion Card can help you with the costs of getting out and about with the support of a companion.

Companion Card holders receive a second ‘companion' ticket at no charge at participating venues and on public transport. The 'companion' ticket is also exempt from booking fees. Some organisations (like Hoyts) might offer a companion ticket at a discount.

The Companion Card is issued in the name of the person who has a disability and is valid for 5 years.

A companion is any person who accompanies a cardholder and provides attendant care support. The cardholder’s chosen companion may be a paid or unpaid assistant or carer, family member, friend or partner.

Although this is a national program, each state runs its own application process. You should apply for a companion card in the state in which you reside.

Note: You can use your card in other states when on holiday or traveling.

Am I eligible and how can I apply?

Each state has its own companion card program so you will need to apply in your state. Find links below for eligibility and application info:

What organisations accept a Companion Card?

The Companion Card is accepted by over 4200 businesses and organisations across Australia.

Each state has a list of registered organisations that accept companion cards. There is also a list of national organisations.

These lists are not complete, so call if the place you want to go is not on the list. Especially where the business is smaller like movies or bowling.

See where Companion Card is accepted Nationally

By State:

Companion Card Discounts

Some organisations offer a companion ticket at a discount (rather than free). Call ahead before booking or visiting.



Add a comment if you find a place that accepts companion cards that is not on the govt websites!

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