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Managing Puberty: For parents (Planet Puberty)

planet puberty website

NSW Health has just released the most incredible resource to help parents of kids with an intellectual disability and autism. It will in fact help ALL parents who have a child entering puberty.

It covers a wide range of topics, giving parents the information and support they need to tackle puberty! They also include links to picture books, flash cards and resources to help them.


The website covers a wide array of topics in great detail and with accompanying resources. The types of topics included are:

  • The Body (body changes, periods, penises, breasts and growing taller to name just a few topics)
  • Feeling good (positive self images, mood swings, masturbation and more)
  • Relationships (communication, consent, feelings, friends and dating)
  • Identity (positive self image, gender and sexuality, LGBTIQ)
  • Keeping safe (consent, cyber safety, safe people, personal space, decision making and social media are a good start)

Online Workshops

These include parent only topics like masturbation, periods, managing mood changes and wet dreams and erections.

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Planet Puberty Podcast

Puberty can be a tough time for all young people but for kids with intellectual disability and autism it can be even harder, for both them and their parents and carers.

On the Planet Puberty podcast we aim to make puberty less of a bumpy ride by talking about the challenges, joys and opportunities that puberty can bring.

Listen to Podcast


Visit the Planet Puberty website


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