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WEBINAR: Autism and the NDIS

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Did you miss our live webinar?

The three focus areas of our webinar were based on the number and nature of questions we have received from our MyCareSpace community.

These were:
• NDIS eligibility and access
• Planning for the NDIS
• Getting the most out of your NDIS plan

What a response and what an amazing event this was! Our CEO and host Nicole did a wonderful job of making sure our panelists answered as many of your questions as possible. The information covered in this session is invaluable to anyone who is juggling Autism and the NDIS.

As a MyCareSpace member you will have access to the Webinar recording (audio also available) and Resource Pack free for a limited time!

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emilie@beyondwellness.com.au's picture

A very informative webinar.  So much information, I need to go through the resources that have been offered for sharing by Charmaine. Thank you