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WEBINAR: ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

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ADHD - Navigating your way through the Maze

In this webinar we have invited 2 ADHD experts (read about them here) to help parents,teachers and carers navigate their way through the maze of ADHD with topics like medication, effective behaviour therapies and the development of a skills framework to best support your child.

Our webinar covers 3 key areas:

  1. Dr Paul Joshua gives us a medical perspective on what ADHD is and how it compares to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). He answers our community's questions about when to medicate and the medication options available and shares insights on new meds that don't cause drowsiness.
  2. Dr Merrilyn Clancy shares strategies to help manage unwanted behaviours like defiance, impulsivity and anger.
  3. We finish by looking at ways to assist ADHD children at home and school with topics like organisational, planning and social skills to help them succeed at home, school and life.

Important Links to accompany the Webinar

About ADHD

ADHD Support


ADHD Go-to Guide: Facts and strategies for parents and teachers



About Our Experts


Merrilyn ClancyPaul Joshua

With Dr Merrilyn

Child Development Advocate with special interest in children under 12 years facing a challenge in learning, health or behaviour

& Dr Paul

Developmental Paediatrician with special interest in ADHD and behavioural disorders in school age children. 

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