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Webinar: Individual Living Options(ILO) Training

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ILO Training Webinar - ILO's and the NDIS

A detailed introduction to ILO's covering the following topics:

  • Introducing ILOS
    • Individual Living Options under the NDIS
    • Different types of ILO
    • Transitioning to NDIS ILO from other ILO packages
  • ILO Suitability
    • When is an ILO the best option?
    • Who is eligible for ILO? 
    • What is the difference between ILO and SIL?
  • How does the NDIS Fund ILOs?
    • Core Funding Components
    • ILO Funding in an NDIS plan
  • How to get an ILO into your NDIS Plan
    • What is an "Identifying Housing Solutions” package and when is it needed?
    • Housing Goals
    • Reports/evidence and documentation needed
  • Implementing an ILO in your NDIS plan
  • ILO Stakeholders
    • The role of a Support Coordinator
    • The role of an ILO Provider

Approx 1hr15 including Q&A

$95.00 incl GST

All participants will receive a participation certificate on request.


Guest Speaker

Our speaker, Terry Mader is co-founder of My Supports, one of the very first ILO providers to take part in the NDIS beta trial. My Supports designs and delivers the ILO and SIL service models and works with Coordination of Supports to facilitate them.

My Supports operates in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, SA & WA. 

Hosted by Nicole Gamerov, CEO and founder of MyCareSpace

Who will benefit from this training webinar?

This training webinar will benefit:

  1. Support Coordinators and LACs who:

    • are supporting participants with housing goals
    • are supporting participants who are transitioning from ILO's or are foster children
    • want to find out more about ILO suitability, eligibility and funding for participants
    • want to know more about how the NDIS funds ILO's
  2. Participants and their families who 
    • want to find out more about Individual Living Options (ILO)
    • are fostering an NDIS participant or transitioning from other ILO's
    • want to find how to include ILO in their NDIS plan
    • want to know more about how the NDIS funds ILO's
  3. Service Providers who
    • are considering becoming ILO providers
    • want an understanding of how ILO is funded by the NDIS



If you have any queries, please contact us.

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