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4 Reasons to list your business on MyCareSpace

  1. Our website is the largest national disability platform in Australia and receives over 90,000 pageviews every month
  2. We can connect you with Support Coordinators, LAC's, Plan Managers, Participants and families who use MyCareSpace to find services
  3. Our NDIS resources are viewed over 25,000 times a month - people come to us for information and then request services
  4. Value for your advertising dollar. You only pay a subscription fee and we do not charge you a customer sign up fee!

MyCareSpace Subscriptions

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How does it work at MyCareSpace?

  1. We list your business on our platform after you select the subscription that suits you best and gives you the best possible exposure for your marketing budget. 
  2. We match support requests from individuals, families, Support Coordinators, LAC's and Plan Managers with MyCareSpace providers that have the skill, experience and capacity required to meet those needs.
    This means that we don't give you a leads just because you happen to be within 20km of the participant! We send you leads that we know you have a good chance of success.
  3. We deliver our leads to you by email and you can view and manage these referrals in your own Provider Portal.
  4. We give you all the details of the request up front -  this includes the number of hours, the disability and the support needed. 
  5. We do not charge you extra if you sign up a customer - the only charge you the agreed subscription fee so you can manage your marketing budget with ease.

MyCareSpace Partners

By invitation only. These are service providers who have an established track record and who we work with closely to receive increased participant referrals, extended advertising options and grass roots connections. Call us to apply on 1300 2 888 93 or contact us online.

How MyCareSpace works


Tell us what supports you need

You can call us, use our livechat or submit an online request.


We connect you with NDIS Providers

We match your needs with verified providers that have capacity.


You choose the best provider

Compare providers and choose the one you like best.

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