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How MyCareSpace helps Plan Managers

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MyCareSpace helps Plan Managers save time BY supporting their customers to find supports and NDIS information


The NDIS Guide to Plan Management says:

"Plan Managers should be providing access as required to a wider range of service providers, including non-registered providers" 


But Plan Managers do not have the time to provide this support. Nor do they have the current knowledge about NDIS provider capacity and skills. 

And Plan Managers also do not have the time to explain NDIS funding topics and answer NDIS questions


MyCareSpace PM Partnership

By partnering with MyCareSpace, Plan Managers can use the MyCareSpace Connections Team to meet the support and information needs of their participants.

MyCareSpace does this on behalf of Plan Managers by:

  1. Connecting their Participants directly with NDIS Providers that have the skills, experience and capacity they need

  2. Helping Participants understand their NDIS plans, answering their NDIS questions. 


How does it work? If you are part of the program:



Plan Managers submit a support request on behalf of a client

Even better, have their client submit the request themselves


MyCareSpace connects your client directly with local verified NDIS Providers

Providers that are in their local area and have capacity


Participants compare providers and choose the one they like best.

Plan Manager are supporting them to exercise choice and control


Join the MyCareSpace Plan Management Partner Program

Apply now to join our support partnership so that MyCareSpace can perform the Participant support and information needs on your behalf.



How MyCareSpace works


Tell us what supports you need

You can call us, use our livechat or submit an online request.


We connect you with NDIS Providers

We match your needs with verified providers that have capacity.


You choose the best provider

Compare providers and choose the one you like best.

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