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Tree House - Queanbeyan Childrens Special Needs Group


At treehouse we deliver Early Intervention and School Aged Programs for children living with a disability or developmental delay. Our programs support children aged 0 to 12 years and their families and carers.

Our flexible programs combine family support, education and therapy in inclusive settings that reflect each child’s development stage. It’s all about supporting kids to enjoy meaningful inclusion in family and community life.

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  • Early Intervention & Children
  • Respite/Short Term Accommodation

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  • Mobile
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Queanbeyan 2620
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Caring , amazing Organisation
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I have been connected to Treehouse since my son was born 18 years ago. Initially we used the playgroup services, then I became a board member and then a staff member.

I am now in another organisation but feel well qualified to say that the staff and all associated with the organisation are caring, qualified and innovative people who have your child and families best interests at heart. I have seen them grow from a parent support group to evolve into an incorporation that has embraced the NDIS program and all that can be offered to families. Queanbeyan and surrounds have been well served by this group of wonderful people.