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At the core of Therapy Pro, right from when the virtual doors opened, is the client–the person. Being client-centred allows Therapy Pro to make decisions with very clear objectives in mind. Inspired by the vision of ‘choice and control’ developed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Therapy Pro has reimagined the world of service delivery with you, the client, central to the planning and delivery of your services.

· We provide award-winning, quality therapy that makes a difference.

· We offer a therapeutic partnership where you have direct input into the development and delivery of your individual plan and services.

· We are committed to an outstanding client experience and excellent services, to ensure clients realise their goals.

This approach to client-centred therapy was again recognised in November 2023 when Therapy Pro was announced as the Best Early Intervention Program award winner at the Australian Disability Service Conference and Awards (for the third year in a row).


Meet the team!

We have an incredible team of dedicated and passionate therapists here to support you and your loved one's needs. You can view all our therapists over on our website or you can view all our therapists with immediate availability.

What we offer

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Current availability face-to-face in Sunshine Coast (ages 0-12), Sydney South West, Sydney North West, Melbourne South East, Townsville (ages 0-12) and nationally via our Telehealth Service.

Our OTs work with both children and adults. Together, we can help you address the following:

· Fine motor skill development

· Functional Capacity Assessments

· Work with children with autism to improve their sensory processing

· Home modifications (minor)

· Teach and Support daily living skills

· Improve social skills

· Identify house needs and support for independent living

· Driving Assessments (Sunshine Coast)


PSYCHOLOGY (provisional or registered) - Current availability in Brisbane South, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast (aged 12+), Gold Coast (18+), Melbourne South East, Melbourne North West, Greater Western Sydney, Northern NSW (7+), and via National Telehealth Services

Our therapists use evidence-based practices and strategies to effect positive change. Together we can assist with:

· coping strategies

· stress management

· problem-solving skills

· managing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety

· behavioural change

· anger management

· social skills development

· emotional regulation skills and strategies


SPEECH THERAPY - Currently available in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (13+), Sydney North & North West, Sydney Inner West (ages 0-12), Melbourne North West (0-12), Melbourne South East (18+), and via our National Telehealth Service.

Therapy Pro speech pathologists particularly work in the areas of:

· speech

· language

· fluency

· voice

· swallowing


POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT - Current availability in Brisbane South, Sunshine Coast (12+), Melbourne South East, Melbourne North West, Sydney, and via our National Telehealth Service.

Therapy Pro has a number of therapists with extensive experience in Positive Behaviour Support, including the development of plans and training of support workers.

· comprehensive assessment to identify the purpose of challenging behaviour

· writing and implementation of positive behaviour support plans

· holistic interventions to assist the person, family and support staff

· delivery of tailored training in positive behaviour support plans


SOCIAL WORKERS - Current availability in Brisbane South and via our National Telehealth Service

Our social workers are skilled specialist professionals who can support both children and adults with:

· Emotional regulation skills and anger management programs

· Environmental assessments and housing suitability

· Social and relationship building skills

· Functional behaviour assessments and the development of positive behaviour support plans

· Connections into community activities, programs and groups


Children's Assessment Clinic is open in Brighton East, Melbourne, with immediate availability

The Assessment Clinic can provide families with diagnostic reports to support a formal diagnosis, supporting information to apply and access the NDIS, and individualised information to help find the right school for their child.

There are three types of assessments that our highly skilled paediatric team can support families with:

· Comprehensive Development assessment

· Learning/Cognitive assessment

· Current Functioning assessment

Initial assessments take place at our friendly clinic space, and follow-up parent appointments can be completed online.

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Allied Health (Therapies)
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  • Key Worker
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan
  • Psychology
  • Speech Therapy
  • Early Intervention & Children

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Support Coordinator
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Amazing Group!!
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I have had the pleasure of being both a customer and part of the team. Such an amazing group of therapists making a real difference in people’s lives!

Support Coordinator
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I really enjoy being part of the Therapy Pro team
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I really enjoy being part of the Therapy Pro team. There’s a wonderful mix of colleagues that absolutely believe in what they do to support clients and work as a team.