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ORS is Australia’s number one positive behaviour support and allied health services provider. We have been in business for over 30 years and employ over 400 allied health professionals across our 25 offices nationally. We also offer our services via telehealth to ensure our clients can get immediate access to services without wasting valuable time on waitlists. Check out the expertise section of our website to see the full range of our experienced staff and the services they can offer. www.orsgroup.com.au/expertise

ORS offers a wide range of allied health services including positive behaviour support, psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and dietetics across all ages as well as providing and early intervention services for children under 9 using the key worker model.


Appointments can occur:

  • In Home or community locations
  • At School or other day programs
  •  At one of our 25 different clinic locations across NSW, Victoria, WA and ACT
  • Via Telehealth to accommodate for before/after school appointments, regional locations or to minimise travel cost.


Our Positive Behaviour Support team are experienced and passionate about supporting people across the lifespan to enhance their quality of life through a collaborative approach with families, other therapists and the individual themselves.  We regularly provide evidence based support to people with:

  • Autism
  • Psychosocial Disabilities
  • Dementia
  • SIL living arrangements
  • Out of home care
  • Neurological Disabilities
  • Restrictive practices in place


More information on each of these services and our experienced staff who provide these services is available on our website.


ORS have no waitlists for our psychological assessments and understand the need for urgency for important dates such as NDIS Plan Reviews and Paediatrician appointments. We provide the full range of psychological assessments including Autism Diagnostic Assessments, ADHD Assessments, Decision Making Capacity Assessments, IQ and educational assessments as well as Mental Health Diagnostic Assessments. We also provide psychological services including counselling within the NDIS.

If you are struggling with a child who is a fussy eater or are supporting someone with chronic medical or mental health issues and need help improving their diet and developing meal plans that are sustainable and appropriate for a wide variety of living situations and budgets, ORS can assist. We have very experienced dieticians who can work with clients across the lifespan and full range of health issues. ORS provides dietetic services through the NDIS and Medicare and can work with clients at one of our clinics, offices or via telehealth.


Services we can provide include:


  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Interim Plan
  • Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan
  • Restrictive Practices Assessment
  • Ongoing Behaviour Support Intervention and Support
  • Telehealth



  • Psychological Assessments
  • Clinical Psychosocial Assessments
  • Autism Assessments
  • Clinical Psychological Assessments
  • Counselling (including child, individual, couples and families)
  • IQ/Cognitive Assessments
  • Risk Assessments Functional Assessments
  • Critical incident response counselling/ incident debriefing Mediation
  • Vocational Assessments Careers Counselling Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Dealing effectively with aggressive individuals/ incident prevention training Resilience and mental wellness training
  • Mental health awareness training
  • Telehealth 



  • Functional Daily Living Skills Assessments
  • Support Independent Living (SIL) Assessments
  • Sensory Assessments
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Home Modification Assessments (including complex)
  • Assistive Technology Assessments Workplace Assessments
  • Skill training in toileting, sleep, ADL activities, life skills, fine gross motor coordination, handwriting and fatigue management
  • Telehealth



  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Intervention
  • Telehealth



  • General Speech Pathology Assessments
  • Mealtime Management Assessments
  • Mealtime Management Support Plans
  • Communication Assessments
  • Social Skills and Communication Training
  • Telehealth



  • Exercise Physiology Assessment and Program
  • Advice and education on lifestyle modification to improve health status
  • Telehealth



  • Initial Nutritional Assessment
  • Meal plans, recipe modifications and shopping list creation
  • Enteral Tube Feed plan
  • Fussy Eating plan
  • Mindfulness Eating plan
  • Malnutrition Risk plan
  • Meal Time Management (MTM) plan
  • Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle plan
  • Feedback sessions
  • Detailed reporting
  • Telehealth


Why is telehealth so important?

There are several significant benefits to using telehealth technology. Telehealth services:

  • Are a convenient alternative to face-to-face
  • Eliminate travel times and costs for people
  • Eliminate health and safety risks
  • Support continuation of servicing during difficult times
  • Increase the choice of service providers outside your immediate area
  • Address access issues for people with disability, illnesses, other conditions.

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Challenging Behaviours


Allied Health (Therapies)
  • Dietician
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Key Worker
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plan
  • Psychology
  • Speech Therapy
  • Diagnostic Assessment
    Functional Capacity Assessment
    Home Modification Assessment
    Mobility Assessment
    Positive Behaviour Assessment
    Sensory Assessment
    Swallowing Assessment

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Non Binary
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Delivery Options
  • In Clinic
  • Mobile
  • Online
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Ages Supported
Early Childhood (0-7 years)
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"The support and strategies, as well as the following treatment was so useful and helpful "

Sarah Mills

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"I’ve gone further than I thought I could and I’m really happy because I’ve got a life now! I don’t have to rely on other people for doing things, I can do it myself, and that’s what I like, that’s where I’ve got to now and that’s thanks to ORS and Kim and all the hard work they have put in for me". 

David McGavin