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Mr Harmony's Harmonica Tuition

What we do

I am Australia's foremost expert in beginners harmonica tuition, and a specialist in harmonica tuition for those with disabilities. I have devised this possibly world first program which is now run in NSW & QLD, and is fast becoming popular with students and carers alike.

Harmonica is perfect for disability students as it requires no prior knowledge of music, is portable, inexpensive and easy to play.

I offer group workshops (excellent for social inclusiveness and social integration), or one on one lessons. 

I believe learning should be a fun experience, that promotes self esteem and provides new skills. 

three men playing harmonicas

This is what some of our clients say:

"Shannon is in his late teens and has Downs, and has never been able to play a musical instrument. Until now. After an hour of harmonica instruction, he was playing along to the backing tracks and, most astonishingly, jamming with me and copying the notes I was playing.

The look on his face when he nailed it? Priceless. His mum reckons he was smiling all the way home. The beauty of harmonica is it is portable, inexpensive and easy to play. If you can suck and blow, you can play harmonica. And for those with fine motor control - not a problem.

Music. Bringing joy to people, regardless of ability.”

Disability Area of Interest

North Narrabeen 2101, NSW (Head Office)

43 Taiyul Rd
North Narrabeen
NSW 2101
Office Hours: 0800-1800