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Mojo Mentoring has always had the philosophy of building self esteem and self worth for all of our clients.

​Our staff are highly dedicated and supportive people, who have adopted our philosophy to ensure that YOU get the absolute best out of your experience with us.

​Mojo Mentoring started as a business providing Developmental Education, and has grown over the last few years to incorporate a range of services including Therapeutic Support, Disability Support, Respite Services, and most recently the development of our supported online Gaming Sessions.

​At Mojo Mentoring we listen to YOU. We believe that the best way for you to achieve your goals is to have the support of people who are caring, understanding, and driven to help you succeed.

Children under 7 Years: Children make up the main component with our online Developmental Education sessions and we also regularly have short stay respites with children under 7 yo.

Special Skill areas: Extreme demand avoidance, Pathological demand avoidance, ASD, Autism,

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Specific Experience

Challenging Behaviours


Allied Health (Therapies)
  • Developmental Educator
  • Therapy Assistant
  • Functional Capacity Assessment
Special Skills
Extreme demand avoidance, Pathological demand avoidance, ASD, Autism
Early Childhood:
Developmental Education sessions
Short stay Respites with children under 7

Additional Information

Gender of attendants
Gender of Attendants: 
Non Binary
Delivery Options
  • In Clinic
  • Mobile
  • Online
Payment Types
Private (non-NDIS)
Service Locations

Sydney 2000

Brisbane City 4000

Loxton 5333

Waikerie 5330

Berri 5343

Adelaide 5000

Hobart 7000

Hobart 7000

Melbourne 3000

Perth 6000
Ages Supported
Early Childhood (0-7 years)
Children (7-17 years)
Young People (18-21 years)
Adults (22-59 years)
Mature Age (60+ years)
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5 4 reviews
Support Coordinator
Verified visit
51 year old with intellectual disability
Average: 5 (1 vote)

“If you’ve got a problem, it’s great that you’ve got someone to help because most people give up because they find it too hard and say ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about.’ With Judy, I discuss something with her and say ‘well, I want to say this’ and then she says ‘is this what you’re trying to say?’ and I say ‘yes’. Mum and dad agree, mum and dad like her, not a problem.” 


Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Mum of 11 year old daughter with ASD and intellectual disability
Average: 5 (1 vote)

“Judy helps my/our daughter with behavioural support and management, in particular, self calming and school issues. She came to our home to assess her, and has gone into her school to help, and to give the teachers guidance. My daughter can’t read so Judy found a visual cookbook for her — they’ve been cooking together and it’s helping her gain independence. It’s been fantastic. My/our daughter gets along with her very well, she calls her ‘Nana Boo’. Judy is wonderful and I highly recommend her.”

Support Coordinator
Verified visit
Mother of 13 year old daughter on the autism spectrum
Average: 5 (1 vote)

“We’d tried about six different therapists before we found Judy — she’s the only one who could get through. Judy is easy going and extremely easy to talk to and my  daughter gets along with her very well. I think it’s because of the way she talks to her and treats her — Judy has a calm relaxed attitude and never talks down to her. Judy is also the only one who would go and talk to the teachers. She didn’t take no for an answer — she made things happen. She’s helped my daughter with her behaviour, with relaxation exercises and by giving her strategies to help her cope.”

Demo Support Co...
Support Coordinator
Verified visit
There is light at the other end of the tunnel
Average: 5 (1 vote)

My experiences with Judy of Mojo Mentoring have been refreshing, rewarding and more importantly, productive since April 2020. Judy was able to engage and connect with my daughter in most instances to work through some of her complex issues. That being said, as a parent-carer it gives me a lot confidence in knowing there is light at the other end of the tunnel.

My daughter now looks forward to our weekly zoom session. When we missed a session she would express how come Judy is not joining our breakfast session time or where is Judy?.