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Hello and Welcome to Liberty Behavioural Services!

Who we are

Liberty Behavioural Services believes in the pursuit of liberty for people with disabilities: Away from behaviours of concern, restriction and triggers. Towards empowerment, stronger coping skills, and safer ways to meet individual’s needs

Our experience enables us to offer effective in home/remote, individualized and effective Behaviour support. 

Liberty Behavioural Services is an NDIS registered service, working with participants across Victoria  (Statewide), South Australia (Metro), and Western Australia (Statewide) via f2f.

Please note we additionally offer Telehealth services Australia Wide. 

NDIS Behavioural Support - Our Focus

Our focus is to help identify triggers, setting events, consequences and other factors within a participants life that increase their likelihood of them exhibiting behaviours of concern.

Through identifying the true function of the behaviour, we are able to find different evidence based pathways for them to meet this need in a healthier less dangerous way. 


New PSYCHOLOGY service available in Adelaide and surrounds       MAREN - Bch Science, Masters in Psych (Studying), experienced behaviour practitioner

New SOCIAL WORK  service available in Adelaide and surrounds      ALAN    - Social work/Psych. Years of exp behaviour support


Our Participant Promise

We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 


A bit about our therapies

Through a mixture of Psychology, Social work, Special Ed, Clinical Nursing, Emergency Management and direct Behavioural Science interventions, we work to holistically assist the participant to reduce behaviours of concern that are interfering with their quality of life.  

All therapists have studied behaviourism directly and engage in resource swapping, peer supervision, group supervision and professional development.

Focus Demographic

  • Participants with a diagnosis of Autism, a cognitive disability and or dual diagnosis. 
  • Participants that require a tailored approach     
  • Participants seeking a functional assessment and behaviour support plan
  • Participants seeking a therapist who aligns with the NDIS Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework 

Services we offer

Interim Behaviour Support Plan

  • A draft Interim Behaviour Support Plan is developed and circulated to key parties for feedback.
  • If then approved by the relevant state government body, we submit this to the NDIS Commission, if it includes Restrictive Practices.
  • Hours required: This process can take between 15-25 hours to develop

Functional Assessment

A functional assessment looks at all the elements that contribute towards or reduce the likelihood of a behaviour of concern occurring, and produces hypothesis’s around the cause of the behaviour.

This includes examining things such as:

  • The triggering events, interactions, places, times or stimuli
  • Consequences that de-escalate or escalate a situation
  • Trauma backgrounds
  • Matches/Mismatches of their needs to their interpersonal, home or service delivery environments
  • Hours required:This process can take between 15-50 hours to develop

Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan

A plan based off the function of the behaviour, that is designed through the lens of an emotional regulation plan, including:

  • Decreasing of certain triggers and building coping/tolerance skills of others
  • Environmental Strategies
  • Increasing the amount of preferred activities
  • Skill building / teaching strategies
  • Reactive strategies to gain rapid de-escalation over/soothing of a situation
  • Hours required: This process can take between 20-60 hours to develop


  • For each step consultation will occur to assess develop and implement a Plan.
  • Training and coaching is available throughout. 
  • Plans can be reviewed based on feedback at any point to ensure they remain relevant

Progress report

  • A compelling report is written to the NDIS outlining evidence for you to receive the correct amount of supports in response to the behavioural risks, to support their reduction.
  • Hours required: This process can take between 5-10 hours

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585 Little Collins St

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Additional Information

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Brisbane City 4000

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Port Adelaide 5015

Hobart 7000

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Perth 6000

Mandurah 6210

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Broome 6725
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Children (7-17 years)
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