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Fair-Go Access Support Services (Assistive Tech & Consumables)


Hello and Welcome to Fair-Go Access Support Services!

What We Do

Hi, I'm Simone, the proud director of Fair-Go Access. What we do is provide ethical, high quality, services and support to all people that we work with, in particular children and those with high intensity needs.

We understand personally what it means to live with a different-ability in our society. We are committed to providing quality and very experienced support services by communicating directly to learn about you, your life and how we can improve things for you before we commence a service. We believe our value lies in our ability to match and tailor our skills to provide the best and easiest outcome for you.

How We're Different

We are innnovators and change makers. We are not here to provide cook-cutter products services. We are here to change lives and raise the standards of service for all people with a disability. 

Developing consumables for high intensity care needs is one part of this mission. It is a passion of ours to develop organic, sustainable and safe products that are kind on the body and improve independence and quality of life. 

How are we doing this?

  • Moving away from single use plastic products that contain harmful chamicals and pollute our bodies and homes
  • Introducing high quality, glass bottles and other items that are safe for your body and re-usable
  • Importing (and soon to be manufacturing) organic blends for PEG feeding that are grown with love and made with care

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