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Diakosmos Dance Academy has a long standing and inclusive dance program for young people and adults with special needs. All children have interests that they wish to explore. All people deserve to experience the same opportunities as any other person. The students who attend our classes all share a passion and interest in dance and the performing arts.

Why we started the all abilities dance program:

Dianne’s experience as a teacher in Specialist Schools sparked an interest to develop dance programs that encouraged the students:

  • To encourage our students to be active and to assist in improving their movement skills.
  • To be creative and to learn how to express themselves through dance and movement.
  • To engage the students in the performing arts and to participate in performances.

Growing up with a sibling with special needs developed an awareness and understanding of how important it is to provide opportunities for children of all abilities to explore their interests and to develop their individual and unique talents.

Many students at Diakosmos had siblings with special needs who wanted to dance. As a result, Diakosmos Dance Academy introduced an inclusive dance program for young people of all abilities.​

The program started with a small group of young dance enthusiasts who required extra assistance. The students were keen and participated in the concert.

Our program has evolved. Suitable classes are selected and recommended on an individual needs basis. We offer a diverse range of classes. Many of our students participate in conventional classes, covering all styles.


Thornbury 3071, VIC (Head Office)

St James Parish Centre
4 Newcastle St
VIC 3071