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What we do

Hello and Welcome to Access Lifecare!

What We Do

Acess Lifecare is an independent social work agency founded to provide clinical social work and support services to vulnerable people from aged care to NDIS clients. We work with individuals, their families, carers and guardians and establish a strong professional relationship and trust. Our service delivery will be on strength-based person-centred practice and approach, and our client will be central to the planning process.

We Aim to provide:

  • Aged care
  • NDIS
  • Private Social work service including
    • Psychosocial assessment and referrals
    • Generalist Counseling
    • Mental Health Case management
    • Advocacy

How We're Different

  • RESPECT - We respect the individual; protect their rights, and supporting their needs in the community. 
  • ACCEPTANCE - We accept everyone irrespective of their disability, support and empower the person and their families. We promote participation of clients, families and carers.
  • CARE - We aim to provide high-quality care with integrity, accountability and diligence.

What We Offer

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches facilitate independence, hope, healthy relationships and life choices.

While building a trusting and respectful relationship, our skilled coaches will support individuals to identify and develop recovery skills, including motivation, strengths, resilience, and decision making within a supportive, person-centred framework.

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches have extensive knowledge and experience in mental health and will support individuals to develop and maintain their own personalised recovery plan, based on the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Model.

Using a collaborative approach, our Recovery Coaches will work with individuals, their families, carers and support networks (including NDIS and clinical mental health services) to design, plan and implement a realistic recovery plan; working toward achieving an individuals’ goals and aspirations. Individuals will be encouraged to take greater control of their lives and will develop skills to help them better manage complex challenges of day to day living.

Support Coordination

Our team of support coordinators support participants with psychosocial disabilities.

Supported Independent Living 

At Access Lifecare we offer shared accommodation for people with disability. This gives an opportunity for our clients to stay in a healthy and safe environment, making friends, build their skills and maintain a household routine. This will help them to restore their confidence and achieve their recovery. We work closely with our clients and their families to ensure that their individualised needs and supports are identified and delivered. We provide accommodation services for people from a wide range of age groups living in the ACT. We can offer support and assistance in household and community activities.

Personal Care/Support

The Access Lifecare team has deep experience in providing support for people with psychosocial disabilities in order to achieve their goals and improve their recovery. Our service delivery will be on strength-based person-centred practice and approach, and our client will be central to the planning process

Kambah 2902, ACT (Head Office)

21 Jenke Circuit
ACT 2902

Calwell 2905, ACT

ACT 2905

Chapman 2611, ACT

ACT 2611

Conder 2906, ACT

ACT 2906

Dickson 2602, ACT

ACT 2602

Farrer 2607, ACT

ACT 2607

Fyshwick 2609, ACT

ACT 2609

Gungahlin 2912, ACT

ACT 2912

Manuka 2603, ACT

ACT 2603

Oxley 2903, ACT

ACT 2903

Yarralumla 2600, ACT

ACT 2600