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Disability Housing Options

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Online Housing Search Platforms

Disability Housing
Australia's independent centre for disability housing. Accommodaiton wanted and leasing options.

Housing Hub
A new way for people with disability to find suitable housing. The Housing Hub advertises vacancies for apartments and houses that are owned by housing providers. 

Way Home
Join Australia's #1 Tenant Matching Service for Accessible, Inclusive and  Assistive Homes. Save time when finding an accessible home! Join our network to share or request accessible homes.

Build Innovative Options

Public Housing Movable Units (VIC)
These movable units are self-contained units that can be set up in the backyard of a friend or relative's home. The units are a type of public housing.

Freedom Housing
The revolutionary non-institutional design of Freedom Housing enables persons with disabilities to reside in a privately-owned conventional house or apartment with family, friends, or alone: where they may access up to 24/7 in-house professional high-care. A central building is connected to the four private homes. Freedom Housing is also available in an apartment model. 

Housing Choices
Housing Choices Australia works with partner organisations to provide opportunities for families and people with disabilities to finance and secure equity in their long term housing. Website here.

Empowered Liveability
Empowered Housing is one of the first companies to provide complete disability housing solutions that are compliant with the current NDIS regulations.

Illowra Projects
We work with participants and families to explore the possibility of developing and owning their own homes either individually or shared as a group. We make a complex development process simple.

CHL is a registered SDA provider under the NDIS and a registered builder in all states where it operates. We work with clients, their families and support providers to jointly develop personalised housing to ensure clients’ well-being in their new homes. We can support this option with shared equity or sole equity provision.

Organisations with Disability Housing Options

Community Active Housing
Community Housing is long-term accommodation for people on low incomes and or households/individuals with special needs. Community Housing is a crucial area of social housing provision as it provides a housing option which is affordable, secure and safe and encourages tenant participation in community life.

The Summer Foundation - Summer Housing (VIC)
One of the reasons many young people with disability live in nursing homes is because there is nowhere else for them to live. The Summer Foundation is working in a number of ways to address the issue of housing accessibility, availability and affordability through our own work and working with our sister organisation Summer Housing.

Build Better Lives Opportunity (Rockdale NSW)
Exciting new opportunities for tenants with high physical support needs in the inner Sydney suburb of Rockdale

Young Care
We are committed to supporting young people’s choice to live young lives in quality housing. Youngcare’s building program designs and develops age-appropriate housing solutions where young people with high physical care needs can live young lives with choice, independence and dignity in their own homes. Youngcare’s High Care Housing is for people with high physical support, who are eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) within their NDIS plan. 

Our Housing and Supported Independent Living services team offer a range of services that enable customers to live independently. We offer shared housing and supports, individual housing and supports and supported living.

House with No Steps
We have a range of disability accommodation options to suit different needs. We’ll work with you to find a home and service that’s right for you.

Bridge Housing
We work in partnership with a range of disability support services to assist people with a disability to live independently in the community.

Ability Options (NSW)
Ability Options provide accommodation services for over 100 people from a wide range of age groups living in NSW. We offer a range of service models, ranging from units to purpose built houses and group homes with 24 hour support.


The Supported Independent Living Co-operative
SILC is a family governed co-operative operating in disability housing and supports in the NDIS. It is an enterprise co-operative where its members are family governed houses. SILC is like a backbone co-operative, providing information, systems and support to families.

The National Health Co-operative
A cooperative owned by its patients. It started in 2010 in West Belconnen in response to a GP shortage. It now provides primary health care to 40,000 patient members and is expanding into regional communities in NSW.

The Co-operative Life
A worker co-operative providing social support and home care in the NDIS and aged care sector. The Co-operative Life started when a group of personal care workers, dissatisfied with agency work, co-operated to form a new organisation where they as workers were the members. The Co-operative Life now has 75 staff and is scaling up with the increased demand as a result of market failure in regional areas.

Manning Inclusive Community Housing
Our mission is to establish accessible and appropriate housing within Manningham, for people with an intellectual disability, which provides them with the opportunity to maintain a meaningful life within their existing community. We believe that a home is not just the house in which you live, and the people with whom you choose to live, but is also the community in which you have chosen to live. 


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