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Resources for Teachers, Parents and Children with disability

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AllPlay Learn program

Deakin University, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is proud to present the AllPlay Learn program. 

AllPlay Learn helps to create inclusive education environments for children and young people with developmental challenges and disabilities through practical online information, courses and resources for teachers, as well as information and resources for parents, children and the community

AllPlay Learn’s online information and courses focus on strengths and evidence-based research to support teachers, and educators working with children, young people and families across Victorian early childhood education and care settings, primary schools and secondary schools.

This incredible website is separated into Early, Primary and Secondary and has relevant sections for Parents, Educators and Children.

For Parents, the resources include things like :

  • Diagnosis Information
  • Daily Strategies
  • Parent Resources
  • Bullying and Exclusion
  • Transitions

For Teachers/School, the resources include things like :

  • Teacher Guide
  • Disability Strategies
  • Daily Strategies
  • Teacher Resources
  • Social Inclusion
  • Transition

For Children the website includes a series of comics, stories and resources that include topics like:

  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Bullying and cyber bullying
  • Social Inclusion
  • Practical stuff about lockers
  • Where to get more help if they need it

These online resources are easy to download and print for use across homes, long day care, kindergarten and schools.


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