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Resolv is Helping SIL Providers Grow

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If you have 10+ SIL Participants, you must speak to Resolv

Resolv partners with SIL providers to ensure compliance and financial sustainability by identifying your REVENUE LEAKAGE - areas where you are losing money due to inefficient rostering, claiming and compliance. 

Once they identify this loss, they guarantee that by using their service, they will bring back that revenue loss.

The more Participants you have, the more you could be losing.

What kind of results are Resolv delivering?

On average, Resolv can save you $35,892 PER PARTICIPANT annually by identifying and resolving your revenue leakage.  

They solve for this leakage by working closely with your client services and finance teams to develop new rosters for the houses and claiming documentation that brings alignment to funding, rostering and claiming.

Results are immediate and can be seen within 3 weeks of delivery.

For their last 2 clients they are delivering $776K (across only 11 participants) in annual savings and $1.1M (across approximately 55 participants) in annual savings by addressing these issues.

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How does Resolv work?

Step 1 Obligation Free Analysis

They perform detailed financial analysis to understand your compliance and business risks. They will give you an independent overview of your compliance and financial sustainability. 

They will share with you how much they believe they can save you in revenue leakage.

They will back this with a performance guarantee - if they don't increase your revenue by this amount, you don't pay.

Step 2 Roster & Claims

Once you decide to go ahead, they will optimise rosters and claiming documentation to ensure compliance and financial sustainability.

Step 3 Action Plan

They develop detailed action plans for every house and participant to drive informed decision-making.

3 Reasons why you need Resolv

  1. Big Results, Fast: Every client they work with are delivering results in the mid-6 figure range - and the results are immediate, within 3 weeks we are delivering results that are evident on the P&L
  2. Positive Budget Impact: Everything they do is backed by a performance guarantee - therefore working with Resolv can only result in a positive budget impact and money that can be reinvested back into the business (equipment, people, projects etc)
  3. Here to Help:  First and foremost they are here to help and always there to answer questions and provide guidance - without a dollar tag attached.

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