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How to BUY an iPad using NDIS funding (COVID19)

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At MyCareSpace we have received many calls asking us how to actually buy those iPads using NDIS funding for the COVID19 Assistive Technology made available by the NDIS.

We made a step by step guide to help Participants, Support Coordinators and Service Providers on how to use NDIS funds to buy devices to continue with online therapy supports.

NOTE: this guide can extend to purchasing ANY device like a small laptop or tablet from ANY provider that is not NDIS registered. The same process is followed.

How to buy an iPad if you are Self Managed or Plan Managed?

Firstly, for iPad Apple is the best provider to go to as they have heaps of stock (we confirmed) and are familiar with sending a Pro Forma Invoice for pre-payment. They are familiar with the NDIS funding for iPad and very helpful on the phone. If you are looking for a small laptop, they are not the guys to visit as they are too expensive.

Here's what to do to buy you iPad or other smart device using your NDIS funds for COVID19:

  1. Call Apple Sales on 133 622 and select option 1. If you are using another provider, call them directtly.
  2. An Apple sales rep will ask what model you want - it will be the iPad 10.2 Retina Display iPad which is around $600 mark. Although the total funds available is $750 (incl a case), the other iPads of the same size cost more than that so there is only one iPad suitable.
    • You can choose the colour you want and how much memory you need.
  3. TIP: You should also ask for an iPad cover as this is essential and is covered by your AT funds.
  4. Apple will ask you for your contact details: name, phone, and delivery address.
  5. Apple will ask you for the name and email address of the person who needs to receive the pro forma invoice.
    • This will be your name and address if you are self-managed.
    • If you are plan managed it can be you (and you can email it to your plan manager) or it could be your plan manager's details. 
  6. If you are plan managed:
    • ​​ Your plan manager will submit the claim to the NDIS and pay Apple via bank deposit.
  7.  If you are self-managed:
    • ​​you submit the invoice for payment on the NDIS portal
    • when you receive the funds, you can pay Apple via bank deposit details on their invoice
    • store your invoice
  8. The iPad is dispatched for delivery as soon as they receive payment for it.


How to buy an iPad if you are Agency Managed

It can be just as easy if you are agency managed if your supports know how to do it!

There are very few registered NDIS providers who sell iPads and most of them are out of stock, so you need help from a Registered NDIS Provider to buy your iPad.

This can be your Support Coordinator (if you have one) or your Therapy Provider like a Physio or OT, Speechie etc. It can be any NDIS registered provider really.

They follow the same steps above and get a Pro Forma invoice from Apple (or any other NDIS provider who is not registered), submit it for payment on the NDIS portal and then pay Apple.

Apple delivers the iPad to you!


Do my NDIS funds cover an iPad Case?

Yes, the NDIS says that a "standard protective case" can be funded so make sure you get some protection on it! Also if you need extra protection due to elements of a disability like behaviour issues, you can spend a bit more on your case. 

Here are 2 options at Apple: 

PS: Sorry but headphones are not covered.

Do I have to buy an iPad?

The NDIS does not say you have to buy an iPad. It says you can buy a computer tablet or smart device that is  "the lowest specification that will maintain funded supports". It has indicated that AT specialists have indicated the cost should be around $600 but the total funds available are $750. The NDIS also confirmed with us that if a participant wanted to spend more than $750 they could pay the balance.

For your information, there are many entry-level laptops that cost less than $750.


For more information on this policy see our resource:



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