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Does Personal Accident Insurance cover COVID-19 (Corona Virus)?

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Insurance cover for Corona Virus
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You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

Does my NDIS Personal Accident Insurance cover Covid-19?

If you have purchased sickness/illness cover as part of your Personal Accident Insurance, you may be able to claim if:

  1. you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and
  2. that diagnosis results in you being unable to work and 
  3. your cover was in place before you contracted the disease. 

However, you should be aware that as with all insurance, each claim will depend on its own circumstances and ultimately it is up to the insurer to decide whether a claim is covered under the policy or not. You should carefully check the policy wording for further information.


How do I protect myself against being unable to work because I get the Corona Virus?

Personal Accident Insurance can provide up to 85% of your monthly income over the time you are unable to work ​due to disability or illness, subject to any applicable waiting period and the need to provide evidence of income at claim time.

When taking out Personal Accident Insurance, you can tailor your cover to suit your business needs and affordability by choosing from a range of features.

Accident and Illness cover provides protection when sickness prevents you from returning to work. Adding this may increase your premium. Accident cover: Accident cover responds when an injury resulting from an accident prevents you from returning to work.

There will be other features to chose from including:

  • The waiting period: The waiting period (which could be considered as the ‘excess period’) is the time you would have to be off work before the policy commences paying you a benefit. This is between 7 and 28 days. The shorter the period, the higher your premium.
  • Benefit Period: This is the maximum period that you could potentially receive a benefit for each individual claim. This is either 12 months or 2 years. The longer the benefit period, the higher your premium.

If you need time off work due to an accident (or a sickness like Corona VirusVirus, if you have illness cover), you can claim on your Personal Accident Insurance following your chosen Waiting Period. Depending on the benefit period you choose, you could be covered with these payments for up to 2 years.

Get $5 discount off your annual premium

You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

Does my NDIS Personal Accident Insurance cover me if I am not sick but can't go to work?

If you are in lockdown and you don't have Corona Virus, personal accident insurance will not cover you should you find yourself stuck at home and unable to work

Providers who are unable to work due to self-isolation (and who have not received medical diagnosis and advice to refrain from work) or due to their customers committing to self-isolation, will not be classified as being disabled or too ill to work

What does a BizCover Personal Accident Insurance cover?

What cover options are available for selection?*

  • Loss of income as a result an injury  
  • Loss of income as a result of an illness  
  • Loss of income as a result of injury or illness (combined) 
  • Optional Extensions can include:  
  • Death benefits;  
  • Disablement benefits 
  • Business expenses  

What is typically not covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

Like most insurance, there are exceptions where the insurance will not cover you. It’s important to know about these upfront.

As a rule of thumb, Personal Accident Insurance does not apply to injury or sickness which occurs as a result of:

  • Pre-existing condition(s);
  • Participating in professional sports or hazardous activities;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Acts which are intentional, criminal or otherwise deliberately caused by you;
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Acts of war and terrorism.

This means that if you take our Personal Accident cover after you are diagnosed with Corona Virus, you would not be covered if you could not work because of Corona Virus.

How can I get Personal Accident/Illness Insurance?

Bizcover is MyCareSpace’s preferred insurance partner. As a small business owner, regardless of how your business is incorporated as a sole trader, independent contractor, partnership or company, if your livelihood will be impacted by an accident, then its good business practice to consider buying Personal Accident Insurance.

Get $5 discount off your annual premium

You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)


*As with any insurance, cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in your policy document. The information on this webpage is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

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