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DAD - A film about Dads and Autism Diagnosis

DAD the film about Dads with children diagnosed with Autism

When a child is diagnosed with autism, the few support systems available are often tailored towards mothers – but where does that leave Dad?

Produced by Autism Awareness, this documentary shares the often unheard stories of fathers with children on the Autism Spectrum.

DAD the film, is a documentary created to provide guidance, information, and support to fathers with children on the autism spectrum. Following the stories of twelve Aussie dads we see the challenges, triumphs, and the incredible bond between father and child.

The video, 'DAD' shares the experiences of twelve Aussie dads as they navigate the world of parenting and Autism. They share their initial reactions to an Autism diagnosis, their hopes, fears and supports.

From famous rugby player to neurosurgeon to farmer, each DAD has their own unique story to tell.

These DADs also answer the most commonly asked questions like:

How did you cope?

How did you react to the initial diagnosis?

What role did your mates play?

What impact has autism had on your family?

What about the bad days and the good days?'

Advice for a new Autism dads?

See their Answers


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