How to get the most from your MyCareSpace subscription | MyCareSpace

How to get the most from your MyCareSpace subscription

Below are some practical tips on how to get the most value from your listing on MyCarespace by:

Ensuring that your customers can find you and,
Providing information that makes them contact you!

  1. Your Listing Contact Info
    First and foremost check that all your contact details are correct: Trading name, addresses, email, website, phone number, NDIS provider number, NDIS categories, MyCareSpace categories, disabilities 
  2. Logo and Photos
    Upload your logo and other photos which bring your organisation to life. A picture catches the eye!
  3. Come up in Search Results!
    MyCareSpace is unique because it allows Service Providers to supply all their business locations (not just their head office). Since users can search by location, you are more likely to come up in their results if you make sure all your locations are included. Remember you can edit your listing at any time so be sure to add all your multiple locations as and when your business grows.
  4. Your Services
    Add a detailed description about the services you offer with as much information about what you do and don't offer.
  5. Add Tags to improve your chances of coming up in specific searches
    By adding 'Tags' to your listing, you can associate your listing to keywords you think your customers might use to find a provider like you. For example words like 'physio' or 'home care' or 'education'. This is especially important if your business name does not include these keywords.
  6. Tell everyone about your achievements
    Share the details of any awards you have won, media coverage & other exposure.
  7. Sell Yourself
    Highlight what makes you different from other organisations.
  8. Share Videos
    Include a video of the CEO or other key people within the organisation talking about your key values.
  9. Spread the word to your customers
    Most importantly - Let your customers know you are listed on Mycarespace - invite them to provide independent feedback about your service on our directory. 

    Word of mouth is the most authentic form of marketing - let us help you make the most of this!

    Email us for a flyer to share with your customers in your newsletter or on your social media streams.