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Sandplay Therapy (Johanna Petronella Schwartz )


General Counselling services, including relationships, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Sandplay Therapy can be included in therapy and is an effective therapy  that does not rely on verbal language. People living with a disability or disorder often experience daily life and social interactions as continuous, small traumatic experiences. When social interaction is already difficult, therapy that relies on language can lose effectiveness. Sandplay therapy is a useful addition to other therapies and can succeed where other therapies fail. Sandplay Therapy is different. It cuts through all the barriers of age, ability, race, language and background to become a universal language and effective therapy for all. 

Therapy is also available in Gympie once a fortnight on a Friday and Saturday.  Spaces in this location are extremely limited. Appointments are also available in Browns Plains at the office of Evolve Psychologists.

Contact or call Ronel on 0439936901

More information is also available on the following website: where bookings can also be made. Prices for services are available on this website.


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