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Little Heroes Swim Academy Ltd

What we do

At Little Heroes we believe that people with specialised needs should have access to the same programs as everyone else. This is why our Disability Program is a core part of the services we provide.

Our Disability Program caters to our ‘little heroes’ with either a physical, intellectual or developmental disability, have behavioural issues, or a mix of these, and who need extra support in learning how to swim.




We INCLUDE everyone.This program aims to teach people with specialised needs to become more water aware, to be safer in and near water, and develop swimming skills. The key to the success of this program is its highly individualised approach to teaching swimming. Classes are provided on a one on one basis by a specially qualified teacher, with support and advice from our in-house occupational therapist.

We work hard to create an INCLUSIVE environment for students and their families. Students are taught alongside other lessons – at all the same venues and at the same times. The beauty of this is that children with specialised needs can learn alongside their siblings and friends, which is very rare.

We aim to transition these learners into mainstream classes when they are ready.

we help families achieve things they never thought possible!
In order to keep our Disability Program accessible, students automatically enjoy reduced fees, and qualify for further subsidies through the Niclas Kesler Scholarship. Children and adults with specialised needs are also encouraged to participate in our surf programs. We provide a ‘shadow’ but do this in a way that the student feels part of the group and is not singled out.

We are also able to design programs for individuals and small groups with specialised needs. For example, we currently run an aqua aerobics class for a group of adults, in conjunction with a local service, and also learn to swim lessons for support classes at a number of high schools.

In all of our programs, but particularly those for people with specialised needs, the students, their families, and our staff, are encouraged to be courageous so that we can gain real results.

Disability Area of Interest

Eastlakes, NSW 2018 (Head Office)

98 Maloney Street
NSW 2018


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Average: 5 (1 vote)

I have taken my son to little heroes swim school since it was established. 

They have been a wonderful school and slowly but surely my son now has a lovely swim stroke and is able to paryicipate in school carnivals!