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Best in the show

Jean Sok performing at Michael Jackson One show

Best in the show

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I recently went to Las Vegas with my family: hubbie and 3 kids between 10 and 16.

I booked to see a Cirque du Soleil show (as you do in Vegas), Michael Jackson One. 

It was quite a show but the highlight for me was one of the dancers. This chap was spectacular - his physical capability incredible.

Oh, and he had one leg and was on crutches! 

My youngest daughter who was next to me leant over and whispered “He’s really good..” and my son on my other side leant over not 5 minutes later and said, ”wow, that guy is really amazing!”

I was desperate to take a photo of him to post on MyCareSpace before we got back to Sydney, but usher police were in full force at the show. Instead I had to settle with looking him up online on my return, where I found a number of articles with titles like:

"Cirque Du Soleil's one-legged star Jean Sok dances rings around the critics"

"Talent Knows No Limits"

Jean Sok dancing on neon lit crutches

It appears that Jean Sok is this killer break dancer and acrobatic performer who has performed in more than one of Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson tribute shows. He even has a profile on Wikipedia!

He prefers not to talk about how he lost his leg, but says he started dancing at the age of 15.

He says that there were people who tried to discourage him from taking dance up as a career, but there were also a lot of people who encouraged him, so he took the positive approach.

"I knew it might take me longer, but little by little I tried, and eventually I got to where I am right now, " he says.

In a recent interview Sok was asked about his experience auditioning. His response was, "Any time I want to find I job, I audition as a normal person because I don't feel like I have any limitations.''

Sok never doubted he'd become a dancer. You see, talent knows no limits. 

While Sok admits to experiencing doubts over the last 12 years in relation to his chosen profession, none of them related to the fact that he was missing a limb.

Check out Jean for yourself in an interview where he dances in a Papa Roach music video!

So thanks Jean for a stunning show and for showing my kids you really can make incredible things happen with hard work and commitment and of course talent!
Here is another awesome vid of him break dancing! Mind blowing.

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