Why mycarespace? | MyCareSpace

Why mycarespace?

MyCareSpace is an online community that creates meaningful connections for people living with a disability so they can build “extra” ordinary lives. We do this with the help of our Disability Provider 

We do this using our national NDIS Provider Directory which has over 10,000 NDIS registered providers listed and searchable using NDIS support category, key word and post code filters.

A separate interface exists for Support Coordinators and Local Area Coordinators enabling them to search for services and providers using NDIS Support Categories.

We create meaningful connections via our evidence-based Resources which have a strong focus on sharing NDIS related information that builds capacity using simple plain English. Our webinars are hugely popular and tackle big topics like “Autism and the NDIS” and many, many more.

We provide NDIS Insurance via our partnership with Aon. These insurances include NDIS Provider Insurance, Disability Care worker Insurance, NDIS Sole Trader Insurance and NDIS Participant Insurance.
And finally, we will share personal stories - your stories: the triumphs and disasters; other people’s stories too that will make us laugh, cry and ultimately inspire us all to take the risks we need to build an “extra’ ordinary life.