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Why mycarespace?

Photo of sunset on Collaroy beach with wheelchair access from Sargood Resort


With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme people need the facts to build their own knowledge in order to exercise true choice and control.

Providers need to better understand and respond to the needs of their customers. Customers are seeking greater transparency and are tired of filling out questionnaires and surveys.

This calls for a new way of engagement. Mycarespace is as much about peer to peer knowledge sharing as it is about connecting providers with new customers. Mycarespace provides the forum to develop new customer relationships and insights in a cost effective and in transparent way.

But the quality of life for people with a disability should not depend on the care and support that you have around you. Quality of life comes from engaging with the world around you - whether its socialising, or visiting an art gallery, going away to a music festival or playing in a team sport.

Mycarespace will connect you with services and providers in your area, share stories of others on the same journey as you and help you uncover new experiences you never considered before....

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A collage of photos from the Healing Surfers Australia event