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This webinar provides Service Providers with an up-to-date understanding of the NDIS Audit Requirements and how a provider can best prepare for an NDIS Audit.

Our experts will demonstrate how your NDIS Audit can become the very thing that helps you understand your customers more deeply and respond more quickly to their needs, improving your business on every level and drive revenue

During the webinar our speakers, Andrea and Nicole will address the following key questions:

How do I use my different NDIS funds?
How do I find supports that will fit my needs and help me achieve my goals?
How do I best organise my supports?

In this webinar, our ADHD experts help parents, teachers and carers navigate their way through the maze of ADHD.

MyCareSpace has produced webinars to help NDIS Service Providers with their NDIS Registration, Audit, and Insurance tasks.

A free webinar about understanding what NDIS accommodation options are available and how to go about including them in your NDIS plan.

Digital info package to accompany our webinar titled Understanding NDIS Audits in 2020

These resources accompany the webinar "Children with Developmental Delays, Autism and the NDIS".

Resources that accompany our webinar titled Organising my NDIS supports Webinar

Webinar titled Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

Our Panelists covered 3 important topics:

  • Getting started with setting NDIS goals
  • Understanding how my goals link to my NDIS Plan

Resources that accompanied our webinar: How use your NDIS funds to smash barriers & create innovative post school options


Our panelists shared their 'out of the box' examples of how to use your NDIS funding to create multiple and meaningful employment, social and community pathways after school. 

The webinar which was hosted by Nicole Gamerov (CEO of MyCareSpace), covered 3 areas:

A webinar that focuses on Autism and NDIS eligibility and access, planning for the NDIS and getting the most out of your NDIS plan.

Resources to accompany our webinar Autism and the NDIS

If you are starting out your journey on the NDIS Road and you have autism or are a carer of a child with autism, here are some very useful links to refer to prior to your First Plan meeting: