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Cyber insurance is more important than ever when preparing your NDIS business for the additional risks a pandemic like Coronavirus brings.

If you own a small NDIS business, there’s no denying one the most important things you need to protect your assets is Insurance. But what kind of insurance do you actually need?

This webinar provides Service Providers with an up-to-date understanding of the NDIS Audit Requirements and how a provider can best prepare for an NDIS Audit.

Our experts will demonstrate how your NDIS Audit can become the very thing that helps you understand your customers more deeply and respond more quickly to their needs, improving your business on every level and drive revenue

MyCareSpace has produced webinars to help NDIS Service Providers with their NDIS Registration, Audit, and Insurance tasks.

We asked the team at PQ Plus for un update on how COVID-19 is affecting NDIS provi

To become an NDIS registered provider in Western Australia you will need to follow these steps:

Digital info package to accompany our webinar titled Understanding NDIS Audits in 2020

Changes to the NDIS Audit Requirements - 1 Jan 2020 incl changes in the NDIS Audit Requirments for future NDIS Registrations and Renewals

The NDIS has rolled out across all parts of Australia now. How you register for the NDIS is dependent on where you provide services.

MyCareSpace answers your NDIS Audit questions.

For new or existing disability providers who want to become NDIS registered.

This info will help to make your NDIS audits less stressful and your preparation most effective. 

Webinar titled Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

Need help with your NDIS Audit or Registration?

The audit process for NDIS registration and renewal can be daunting. There isn’t much information available to service providers to help guide them.
Here are some tips to help ease your path through the audit process.