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This resource is for participants that self manage their NDIS plan and covers hiring self-employed or independent support workers who have an Australian Business N

This resource covers how to provide services to self managed or plan managed participants as a Sole Trader.

This resource covers engaging a support worker as an EMPLOYEE

How do I create an NDIS service agreement ?

A service agreement acts as a promise between two people in providing a service for payment in return.

Self Managing your NDIS plan gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your N

What records do I need to keep when self managing my NDIS plan?

The Official Info from NDIS

Can I buy it with my NDIS funding? 

Can I buy it with my NDIS funds? 

The webinar which was hosted by Nicole Gamerov (CEO of MyCareSpace), covered 3 areas:

Below find the transcript of our Webinar titled Autism and the NDIS: