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World Continence Week

World Continence Week - Continence Product Feature

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It's World Continence Week

and we wanted to let you know about 2 NDIS Registered providers that are doing great things!

Confidence Club

Confidence Club

Confidence Cub is an NDIS registered provider of pads, pull-ups, wraps & adult nappies to suit all levels of bladder and bowel incontinence

They offer a money back guarantee: if the products is not right for you, return it in 14 days for a full refund.

They offer home delivery and the option to setup a recurring order that automatically delivers your order so that you never get cuahg tout!

Discreet packaging and free delivery on orders over $50.



Eco Products

Eco Healthy Products 

Eco Healthy Products provides a range of eco-friendly, biodegradable wet wipes and nappies.

Usually when we buy eco friendly products we have to pay more....not this time! Check their prices as they are the same as regular supermarket prices!

The Eco Friendly nappies are 100% biodegradable, high quality and super absorbent.

The Eco Friendly wipes are 100% biodegradable, chemical free  and made of 100% bamboo material so they are super soft.

They offer a money back guarantee on all of their products as customers satisfaction is their number one priority!

Free delivery on orders over $50.


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