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What is NDIS SLES funding and who is eligible for it?

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Transitioning from school to work can be an anxious experience for young people. This is where SLES helps.

The NDIS School Leaver Employment Support (SLES)  is a new support to help NDIS participants make a smooth transition from school to employment.

What is SLES School Leaver Employment Support?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is an early intervention approach for NDIS participants in their last year of school and as well as when they have already left school.

SLES is about giving you the skills and confidence to help make the transition from school to work. These supports are designed to plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focussing on capacity building for goal achievement.

SLES is  NDIS funded to support and assist people with a disability to prepare for, and take part in work. It supports a young person who has work capacity, but needs some more support before receiving ongoing employment support through existing systems such as DES ( Disability Employment Service).

Benefits of the SLES Program

The benefits of employment for young people are far reaching. Employment in general increases people’s independence, improves health and wellbeing as well as providing opportunities to develop new skills and have a connection to the community.

The NDIS SLES program is designed to focus on capacity building for the young person, for example, capacity building activities can include building job skills, building confidence and independence.

The NDIS SLES program is individualised. This means each participant's SLES program is created around their needs and goals. 

Indivialised one-on-one mentoring gives the young person the time to better understand themselves, work interests and the supports they need to give them the best opportunity to gain soft and hard work skills.  

Another important benefit of the program is that young people can complete work experience in many different business and industries in order to find the right job for them.

Capacity building activities that may be included in a SLES program and assist with goals can include: 

  • money handling skills
  • time management skills
  • communication skills
  • discovery activities
  • work experience
  • learning how to take instruction at work
  • travel skills.

Who is Eligible for SLES under the NDIS? 

Young People who are leaving or have left school are eligible to receive SLES funding in their NDIS plan.

The funding is an annualised funding model rather than a set hour, this is to provide maximum flexibility. The funding is not subject to price limits and covers up to 2 years.

Talk to your Local Area Coordinator about adding the program to your NDIS Plan can start before you leave school. 

What is the difference between SLES and DES?

SLES is an early intervention approach for school leavers with significant disability to support transition from school to employment.

SLES supports are designed to build capacity to meet access criteria and transition into Disability employment Services (DES).

SLES assists with work experience and overcoming barriers and building confidence and prepares the young person to engage with a DES provider, who will further their journey of employment. 

DES solely supports the person who is job ready, to find and keep a job and have a future work capacity of at least 8 hours per week.

How does SLES & DES work together?

At some point in the SLES program, you will have completed work experience and feeling confident enough will become job-ready to gain paid employment. This is where (DES) comes into play. 

Your SLES Provider will assist you in finding a DES provider and then work with you and the chosen DES provider for the first 6 months that you are in the DES program.

How to find a SLES Provider?

Ready and Able youth Support Services

This resource was prepared by Nicole Free, owner of Ready & Able Youth Support Services.

Ready & Able are a mobile SLES provider in the Gold Coast Region.Contact Niocle.

For information about finding SLES providers in other states, please contact the MYCARESPACE CONNECTONS TEAM


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