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WEBINAR: Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

WEBINAR: Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

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WEBINAR: Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

MyCareSpace has partnered with IHCA Certification, pre-eminent NDIS Audit Firm and Aon, our endorsed insurance provider, to bring you a webinar to help NDIS providers understand and thrive in the new NDIS regulatory landscape. 

Some of the topics covered in our webinar include:

  • How to implement the Practice Standards as required by the NDIS Commission
  • Understanding how to get certified or verified
  • The key business risks that need to be considered
  • The role insurance can play in risk mitigation

Meet the Expert Panel

Gavin Deadman, Aon

Gavin Deadman
Client Director - Aon Affinity,NFP & Disability insurance expert

Fiona McLoughlan, IHCA

Fiona Loughlan
General Manager - IHCA Certification, NDIS auditor

Gavin Deadman, Aon 

Gavin heads the Aon Affinity Not for Profit team. He has been part of the Aon group for 28 years and specialises in Affinity programs, designing and managing facilities and schemes. 

In this webinar, he will share his practical experience on the key risks that NDIS providers face and the role risk management and insurance can play in mitigating those risks.

Fiona Loughlan, Institute for Healthy Communities Australia Certification

As General Manager of IHCA Certification, Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping organisations in the health and human services sector.  As a provider of certification and accreditation services to the NDIA, Fiona will share with us firsthand insights on the demands & challenges NDIS Providers are facing in this new era and how to go about implementing the Practice Standards.



Cost: $45


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