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What happens at my NDIS Plan Review

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With a number of our community heading into their first plan review, we have put together some information on the process and the preparation required!

NDIS Plan reviews for participants

NDIS Plan reviews are a normal part of the NDIS. Your plan review will help you to measure your progress against your personal goals, explore new goals and identify any changes in your life. 

It is important that you are aware of the length of your plan and when it is due for a review. You can find this information on your plan in the MYPLACE Participant Portal.

You will usually be contacted 4 weeks prior to end of your plan. If you have not been contacted and your plan is due for a review in less than 2 weeks please contact your ECEI partner, LAC, Support Coordinator or call 1800 800 110.

The review of your plan can be conducted face-to-face, over the phone or at an NDIA office by a LAC or NDIA Planner.

You can include a family member, friend, advocate or another person in the review of your plan.

The review of your first NDIS plan will generally take place 12 months after you start your plan. For future plans, you may be offered a plan that lasts up to 24 months, if your needs are unlikely to change.

If you want a shorter (less than 12 months) plan, you can discuss this option with the NDIA, ECEI Partner or LAC. They will then determine, based on your individual circumstances, what the appropriate length of the plan will be – allowing the right amount of time to achieve your goals. 

Plan review for children

The aim of early intervention is to reduce the impact of a person’s disability or developmental delay on their daily life by providing support as early as possible. If your child receives support through Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI), their review will usually be with your child’s ECEI Coordinator.

Your child’s access to the NDIS will be assessed at each plan review. The timing of their review will depend on your child’s needs. This is to check that ECEI supports are effective and supporting your child. If your child’s development has improved and they have achieved their goals, they may no longer need support from the NDIS.

Before your child turns seven years old, your ECEI Coordinator will also consider what your child might need in the future. If they have not previously had an NDIS plan, the ECEI Coordinator will consider whether they might be eligible to become an NDIS participant to get an NDIS plan.

What is discussed at my plan review conversation?

During your plan review, you will be able to provide feedback on what supports are working for you (or not) and how you are progressing in achieving your personal goals.

You will also have the opportunity to explore and set new personal goals building on your previous achievements.

Plan reviews also provide the opportunity to talk to your NDIS representative about when to have your next plan review dependent on your personal circumstances and goals.

Remember: You will need to talk to your providers about your plan length to ensure your Service Agreements are up-to-date.

Things to discuss at your NDIS plan review:

  • What worked well in your plan?
  • What goals did you achieve?
  • What didn’t work as well?
  • Is there any change in your circumstances?
  • What questions do you have about how your plan is managed?
  • Would you like to change how you manage your funding?
  • What are your new goals for your next plan?


How will I be notified about the outcome of my plan review?

In some cases the person you had your plan review conversation with will be able to approve the plan, while in other cases they will need to ask a colleague to review and approve the plan.

If there are changes to the funding in your plan your NDIS representative will have a conversation with you to explain the changes.

Once your plan is approved, your plan details and funding will be updated in the NDIS myplace participant portal and we will send you a copy of the plan either by email or post.

Remember – if you have any unspent funding in your plan, this does not roll over to the next plan. The new funding will replace the existing funding

Do I need to talk to my providers about my new plan?

When you have completed your plan review, it is important you talk to your providers about the length of your plan and goals. You will also need to discuss your Service Agreement and Service Bookings to ensure they cover the period of time you want them to provide supports and services.

Your current supports will not be impacted during the plan review period.

Remember: Each new plan needs a new service agreement with existing provides.

What if I do not agree with the planning review decision?

You can request a review of a decision made by the NDIA. Find out about Requesting Plan Reviews.

What happens if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances or have changed significantly since your last plan review. You can download the change of circumstances form and find out more information on the change of circumstances page on the NDIS website. You can also visit your local NDIS office to get a copy of this form.

How do I prepare for my Plan Review?

Preparation is key.

Get help if needed
If you received funding in your first plan for a Support Coordinator, they will be able to help you prepare for your second plan. 

You will need to provide assessments or reports from some of your service providers (therapists especially) for your plan review meeting. This is to show how your supports and services are helping you to achieve your goals. These reports can also make recommendations for supports and services you might need in the future. 

See our resource to help your Therapists write reports for your review

NOTE: Make sure you request these reports well ahead of time! The cost of these reports are covered by your NDIS funding.

Check the Price Guide (a tip from a participant)
Look at the NDIS price guide when writing up pre planning notes prior to a planning meeting so you are aware of the actual prices now charged for care. Check the rates for 1:1, complex, STA prices and public holidays. If you think that you might like to go to a concert or event on a public holiday, ask for at least 2 x 4 hours for a public holiday.

Have some idea of the separate extra charges relevant to the participant's care needs - and remember to specify hours for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays if needed. 

Use these questions to help you prepare for your plan review meeting. Write down answers to them beforehand:

  1. Will I need NDIS support in the future?
  2. Would I like to change how some or all of my plan funding is managed?
  3. Who can help me achieve my goals?
  4. Which goals do I need to continue to work on and which goals do I need to change?
  5. What worked well in my plan? Did I achieve my goals or make progress towards achieving them?
  6. What didn't work well in plan?
  7. What are my new goals for my new plan?
  8. Do I have any questions?

If you have already had a plan review and would like to share any tips, please comment below.

Preparing for a Plan Review

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