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Outsider Art - The inside story

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Outsider Art is by definition "art that is self-taught and has little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions."

We recently discovered an exhibition by Greenacres' Outsider Artists (finishing 30th Nov) in Wollongong and we were so impressed with the pieces (as was everyone else) that we thought we would share the concept and some options for art therapy.

Greenacres in Wollongong has a wonderful Arts and Cultures program.  They offer art classes as part of our Community Life and Leisure service and through a drop-in art class on a Sunday afternoon called Insider Artists.

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Here's what they say about their art therapy:

"At Greenacres, we believe everybody has the ability to express themselves artistically - it is just a matter of finding your perfect medium. We have a dedicated art therapist who guides participants to discover their individual style of creative expression while improving their artistic skills.  Artistic expression can also be explored through activities like woodwork, craft, sewing, knitting, jewellery making, photography and drama."

Here is a gret article written about the exhibition.

Know of another great art class? Drop us a line so that we can share it with our community.

Here are some of the artworks we loved!

Artist at Outside Art with their painting    Artwork 


 artwork  artwork




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