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MyCareSpace support for NDIS Providers

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MyCareSpace has been super busy working with our NDIS providers to ensure they can continue to offer their services to participants during these uncertain times.

In short, we are able to offer service providers support in the following ways:

1. Moving services online where possible

This means being creative about the way you can support participants - whether it by using teletherapy, online meetings or other virtual options.  

MyCareSpace has been trialling, testing and comparing online delivery software.

We can now let subscribers know about the options are and which suits them best.

We can get you set up and ready to deliver your services online within 48 hours.


2. Disability service providers are still operating

We are notifying participants, support coordinators, LACS and more know that the NDIS providers listed on MYCARESPACE are open for business. Let us know the measures you are taking to conform with the Govt and NDIS Corona Virus policies.

4. Insurance for cyber risk

Service providers are being forced to send their staff home to work remotely AND offer their services online. This is a double whammy increase in Cyber risk as home networks and devices may not be secure and we are conducting more of our business online. 

MyCareSpace has been working with our insurance partners to bring you a Cyber risk insurance policy to help protect you against breaches in the personal data of your participants and your business.


3. Preparation and communication

We are collecting resources to help NDIS providers prepare their business and communicate with their clients.



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