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Introduction to Budgeting and Finance

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Jewish Care have built a course that might be just right for you. Its called 'Introduction to Budgeting and Finance'. 
Some of the things that will be covered in the course include the thinking and attitudes to money and values.
This will include the following:
• Raising awareness of issues with money
• Real life money situations and scenarios
• Shopping outings and practical elements
• Learning about essential or non-essential spending and developing budgeting skills
• Everyday money - where does it come from and where do we use it?
• Preparing to live independently
• “The Price is Right”
What others have said about the course:
“I learned the basics, how you manage money, how you save. I loved to make new friends. I like the environment.” Margo Binstock
“I enjoyed the course. It makes me think about what things cost.” Greg Seligman
Who can attend?
Participants with NDIS funding or privately funded participants accepted.
What is the cost?
Cost is $561.40 NDIS Funding – invoiced under the suppor category: "Skills development in a group" OR  "Group based activities in a centre-core". It can also be privately funded.
When will it take place?
The course will begin in June/July ,exact date and time is undecided but it will be on a Thursday 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm and it runs for 10weeks.
Where will it take place?
JewishCare Fischl House, 3 Saber Street Woollahra Sydney
Who can I contact to find out more?
If you would like further information about the Budgeting and Finance course you can contact Nicki Taitz on 8302 0203 or email