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How MyCareSpace can help you during COVID19!

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The world may have been turned on its head, but we have been gathering the troops (and information) to help you during these uncertain and challenging times 

Here are the top 5 things you need to know from MyCareSpace.

1. Where to Find Support Workers

We speak to many NDIS Providers who are open for business and continuing to provide support. Support providers are following COVID19 health and safety guidelines and offering non-contact support services (this includes services like picking up groceries or medication, online chats and videos and even phone support.

Call us on 1800 670 014 or use our online form:

Request for Support

2. Help Finding Services - Support Coordination for all

Did you know that all participants now have access to funds for a Support Coordinator in their Plan. The NDIS has created line items for support coordination under the CORE section. 

This means that if you have available funds in your core, you can use them to have a support coordintor help support you during this time.

This support option is available until 25 Sept.

Find a Support Coordinator

3. Teletherapy/Telehealth

This new buzzword simply means delivering health services online or over the phone. Most therapists, psychologists, OT and Speech Therapists are delivering their services using video in addition to or instead of face to face visits.

With the introduction of telehealth, you dont need to worry about where the provider is located! You just need to be able to get online.

Find Teletherapy Provider

4. Essential Help

MyCareSpace has been collecting information around Australia and have compiled a list of all organisations and programs to help you with essential services like groceries, medication and shopping. 

If you are isolated and need support or are concerned about someone who is, check out this resource.

Find Support Options

5. COVID Information

There is a great deal of information being sent to everyone from every organisation.

MyCareSpace is collecting vital COVID19 information and resources to help you access the need to know information in one place.

View COVID Resources


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