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Flexible Support Coordination Backflip - Back in Core Supports

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What a backflip - Support Coordination is back in CORE until 31 March

As part of their Coronavirus measures, the NDIA introduced duplicate Support Coordination line items under core supports to allow people to use their funding flexibly towards Support Coordination.

While originally announced as a temporary COVID measure, the NDIA announced in October that flexible support coordination would be ongoing indefinitely. They were included in the latest version of the NDIS Price List (released in December).

Last week the NDIA announced that these flexible Support Coordination line items would end on the 28 Feb but after 4 days of immense pressure from the sector, the NDIA have this morning announced that they will allow participants to claim Support Coordination from their core budgets until 31 March 2021.

The NDIA has said: "For those participants who temporarily accessed support coordination during the temporary period and who still require this support due to COVID-19 disruption of services they should contact their Local Area Coordinator, ECEI partner or planner to seek a plan review or call 1800 800 110 for assistance."

What can you do if you need support after 31 March?

Don't worry, support is available! MyCareSpace offers a free support service - call us on 1300 2888 98 or make a service request online

What are the next steps?

NDIA are encouraging people who need Support Coordination after 31 March (who don’t have funding available under Capacity Building) to contact their LAC or NDIS to arrange a plan review.

Important to note:

  • Ensure your request for a plan review only involves a “light touch review”. Anything other than this will involve a review of ALL your supports and an entirely new plan. For some people, the addition of Support Coordination will be worth going through this process. For others, it may not be.
  • Keep good records of the outcomes of all plan reviews (Date requested, type of review requested, date acknowledged, date resolved and review outcome). These may come in handy down the track in demonstrating to the NDIA the impact of this decision.
  • If you are a support coordinator, you now have 31 days to wrap up supports for some participants. Make sure they know that they can contact the MyCareSpace Connections Team for support on 1300 2888 98
  • Keep up the pressure. This temporary extension is an important early win, made possible in very large part by the many hundreds of Coordinators and participants who lobbied the NDIA last week. For those of you wanting to keep up the pressure and lobby for ongoing funds flexibility, here are some of your best options:

Provide feedback

Below are some of the ways you can show the NDIA the impact this will have on you and the people you support.



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