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Disability Care Workers need to be protected by Insurance

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Being a Disability Carer is a high risk job.

If you are a care worker who is working for themselves as a sole trader, you need comprehensive insurance that includes professional indemnity, public liability and personal accident cover to protect yourself against anything happening to your client whilst you are performing your duty of caring for them.

Something can happen in the blink of an eye.

Accidents can happen to anyone no matter how careful you are. As a care worker, you could be liable for any injuries, mistakes or errors that happen whilst you are caring for your client.

Why Public Liability Insurance?

This covers your legal costs & expenses in the event you are found negligent for personal injury or property damage to another party, such as making an error whilst administering medication that causes injury or accidentally injuring your client by knocking them over or spilling hot water on them.

What happens if the person I'm caring for makes a mistake and injures themselves?

Because the person is in your care and you have a responsibility to keep them safe, the fault can still fall on you. You may be performing a task for them and whilst your back is turned they injure themselves. Carers usually perform tasks like bathing or dressing clients, reminding them to take medication (and the amount thereof), transporting them to appointments and performing household tasks for them. All of these tasks bring with the risk that an accident can occur.

Why Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you if you are sued for an act, error or omission in relation to the provision of your professional services (as a care worker). It is not uncommon for a care worker to be held liable for a mistake even when there is no negligence involved.

Legal issues relating to Professional Indemnity can be complicated and may result in you as a professional care worker incurring substantial legal costs in order to protect both your livelihood and professional reputation.

Why Personal Accident Insurance?

Most people give little thought to protecting their income against an accident or illness. This is particularly important if you are the sole income provider. Personal Accident Insurance is designed to protect you against loss of income resulting from an injury or sickness. If you are self employed with no sick leave or are in a situation where your income is essential to meet commitments including medical expenses, mortgage payments/rent, car payments, food and bills, this policy offers you complete peace of mind your weekly income is insured.

How can MyCareSpace help?

We had so many of our community ask us about insurance for care workers that we went to the experts - Bizcover, who have created tailored and affordable insurance solutions to protect care workers in the event of a claim. 


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