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What is social distancing for children with autism

COVID19 story books for children with Autism

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How do you explain to a child with Autism why people are wearing masks or why they can't hug their friends? How about that they need to social distance?


Not if you have the wonderful picture storybooks created by Tara Tuchel, founder of Autism Little Learners.

Tara is a speech/language pathologist in Minnesota who has specialised in autism for the past 20 years. She has created a series of picture books to help explain situations to children with Autism.

We fell in love with her COVID19  series and just had to share them - 

COVID19 picture books for children with Autism 

They include picture storybooks that explain topics like Coronavirus, wearing masks, social distancing.

They have titles like:

There are many other books on other topics as well as fun activities to do at home and with therapists.

Take a peek around her story books which are free to download.

See Tara's  Speech and Language Resources


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