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Applause Musical Theatre Showcase

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'Night in the Spotlight' showcase featuring our teens with special needs

Applause Musical Theatre Academy offers musical theatre classes for children and adults with special needs. These classes allow kids, teens and adults alike to express themselves creatively and freely, engage socially and build confidence in all areas of their lives. 

Our 'Night in the Spotlight' showcase on Oct 28 provides our students with a chance to perform solo (or in small groups) for family and friends, giving them their moment in the spotlight! Performances such as these help build a performer’s confidence, experience and skills. And of course, another aim of the Showcase is for them to just have fun! 

This performance includes a number of mainstream students and features four fabulous performers from our Teens with Special Needs class who will be singing solos and dancing their way through the night. 

Come along and find out what Applause do and enjoy a fun night full of talent and songs from musicals. 

Venue: North Shore Temple Emanuel - 28 Chatswood Avenue, Chatswood, NSW

Date & Time: October 28th, 7pm

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Musical Theatre Classes and your NDIS Funding

How do I include Musical Theatre classes in my funding?

If a participant has NDIS funding for Capacity Building then they can use dance/singing classes as a means to achieve their goals. Students can use dance to overcome anxiety, build confidence, build friendships and for general physical and mental wellbeing.

What goals would I set to include funding for Musical Theatre classes?

These goals may be things like: making friends, becoming more confident around others, becoming less anxious in social environments etc.


Selena performing as Wednesday Lewis and Kathy performing

See students from our 2017 showcase above. Selena is in the “Wednesday” dress (from the Addams Family) being assisted by a teacher while she sings. Lewis is doing the dance and Kathy is singing a solo in the red top. All are performing again this year and will be joined by Jess.