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Access2Ed Disability courses @ Sydney Community College

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Access2Ed Disability courses in Sydney

Access2Ed – A programme for people living with disability

Affordable courses for a fee Sydney Community College offers a range of affordable short courses designed to support students living with disability to learn new skills and participate more broadly in the community.

Our courses are open to all students with disability 18 years or over. If you find a course you are interested in attending, we would like to help you access and participate!

The College encourages students living with a disability to organise their own support, if required, to attend courses. You may bring a paid support worker at no extra fee.

Enrol online or contact our Access2Ed Coordinator on (02) 8752 7571 or email

The fees for our courses may be covered by your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package. Please note that a minimum number of 8 students is required for the class to proceed so get busy, get connected and get enrolled.



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